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Maurice Aguirre Lobbyist Who Must Register and When?

maurice aguirre dallasLobbying firms are required to file a separate registration for each client. A lobbying firm is exempt from registration for a particular client if its total income from that client for lobbying activities does not exceed and is not expected to exceed $6,000 during a semiannual period.

Note: A lobbyist is not the registrant unless he/she is self-employed. In that case, the self-employed lobbyist is treated as a lobbying firm.

Organizations employing in-house lobbyists file a single registration. An organization is exempt from registration if its total expenses for lobbying activities do not exceed and are not expected to exceed $24,500 during a semiannual period.

Registration is required no later than 45 days after a lobbyist first makes a lobbying contact or is employed or retained to make a lobbying contact.

Preparing to File a Registration - Threshold Requirements

In order to determine the applicability of the LDA, one must first look at the definition of "lobbyist" under Section 3(10). Under this definition, an individual is a "lobbyist" with respect to a particular client if he or she makes more than one lobbying contact and his or her "lobbying activities" (as defined in Section 3(7)) constitute at least 20 percent of the individuals time in services for THAT client over any six-month period.

Maurice Aguirre DG Group LLP - More than One Lobbying Contact

"More than one lobbying contact" means more than one communication to a covered official. Note that an individual falls within the definition of "lobbyist" by making more than one lobbying contact over the course of services provided for a particular client (even if the second contact occurs in a later semiannual period).

Example 1: Lobbyist "A" telephones Covered Official "A" in the morning to discuss proposed legislation. In the afternoon she telephones Covered Official "B" to discuss the same legislation. Lobbyist "A" has made more than one lobbying contact.

Example 2: Under some circumstances a series of discussions with a particular official might be considered a single communication, such as when a telephone call is interrupted and continued at a later time. Discussions taking place on more than one day with the same covered official, however, should be presumed to be more than one lobbying contact.

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