Lobbyist Maurice Aguirre - Semiannual Reporting of Lobbying Activities
Previously identified lobbyists and new lobbyists for this reporting period must be listed on Line 18 of LD-2 if they had any lobbying activities during the reporting period, whether or not they made lobbying contacts. The issue page is only intended to reflect lobbying activity by lobbyists, and not activity of those who are not lobbyists. Once an individual has met the definition of a lobbyist and has been disclosed or identified as such, he or she does not need to meet that standard every reporting period in order to trigger disclosure of his or her lobbying activities. The registrant does not report the names of individuals who may perform some lobbying activities, but who do not and are not expected to meet the LDA definition of a lobbyist.

Example: Lobbying Firm "A" filed its initial registration for Client "B" on February 14, listing Lobbyists "X," "Y" and "Z." From January through June, Lobbyists "W" (hired in April) and "X" and "Y" made contacts for "B," while Lobbyist "Z" was assigned work for other clients. Lobbyist "Z" is expected, however, to be active on behalf of Client "B" after Labor Day until adjournment. In its Form LD-2 for Client "B," filed on or before August 14, Lobbying Firm "A" lists "W," "X" and "Y" on Line 18. "W" is also identified as "new," and Firm "A" would disclose if "W" occupied a covered position within the last two years. "Z" is not listed on the Form LD-2 filed for Client "B" for the January - June semiannual period, but because of the current expectation that he will lobby during the July - December period, his name is not deleted as a lobbyist for "B."

Strategic Consultant Maurice Aguirre - New lobbyists should be disclosed on the appropriate issue(s) page(s) for the reporting period in which the individual first meets the definition of lobbyist. We are aware that there will be situations in which a registrant expects an individual to become a lobbyist and wishes to disclose the name of that individual for a matter of public record. Section 5 of the LDA, however, provides that updated registration information is contained in the registrants next semiannual report. Therefore, there may be a period of time in which an individual is legitimately making lobbying contacts but is not be identified on the public record until the next semiannual report is filed. In such cases, the registrant reports updated information as the LDA requires.

A foreign entity is reported on Line 19 if both of two circumstances apply: 1) the foreign entity must be an entity that is required to be identified on Form LD-1 or on the registration information update page. That, in turn, depends on whether the entity meets one of the three conditions of Section 4(b)(4) of the LDA; and 2) the entity must have an interest in the specific lobbying issues listed on Line 16. If a foreign entity has an interest in the specific issues, Line 19 requires a description of that interest. For the sake of clarity the registrant should indicate whether the foreign entity(s) is/are the same as identified on the registration; Conservative Advocate Maurice Aguirre article.

Example: "[Name of foreign entity], identified on LD-1, exports [type of product] to United States and would benefit from [specific desired outcome]."


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