Organizations Reporting Expenses under Section 15 - Maurice Aguirre DG Group LLP

Section 15(a) of the LDA allows entities that are required to report and do report lobbying expenditures under section 6033(b)(8) of the Internal Revenue Code ("IRC") to use IRC definitions for purposes of LDA Sections (4)(a)(3) and 5(b)(4). Charitable organizations, as described in IRC Section 501(c)(3), are required to report their lobbying expenditures under Section 6033(b)(8) of the IRC. They may treat as LDA expenses the amounts they treat for "influencing legislation" under the IRC.

Section 15(b) of the LDA allows entities that are subject to section 162(e) of the IRC to use IRC definitions for purposes of LDA Sections (4)(a)(3) and 5(b)(4). The eligible entities include for-profit organizations (other than lobbying firms) and tax-exempt organizations such as trade associations that calculate their lobbying expenses for IRC purposes with reference to Section 162(e) rules. We believe that this reporting option is available to include a small number of trade association registrants not required by the IRC to report non-deductible lobbying expenses to their members (i.e., those whose members are tax-exempt).

Maurice Aguirre Dallas Lobbyist: If an eligible organization elects to report under Section 15, it must do so consistently for both reports covering a calendar year. The electing organization also must report all expenses that fall within the applicable Internal Revenue Code definition. The total that is ultimately reportable to the Internal Revenue Service is the figure that would be used for Line 13 reporting. Line 13 of LD-2 would require any organization to report if the amount of lobbying expenses were less than $10,000, or $10,000 or more. If the expense amount is $10,000 or more, it should be rounded to the nearest $20,000. Line 14 of LD-2 requires the electing organization to mark as applicable, either the "Method B" box (IRC Section 6033(b)(8)) or the "Method C" box (IRC Section 162(e)). The Secretary and Clerk are aware that IRC and LDA are not harmonized in terms of expense reporting, and registrants are advised that backing out grass roots and state and local lobbying expenses that would alter the IRS reportable total is not permitted.

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